War is breaking in the world of Samitza. Alphas and Betas are killing people that are not either of them, or taking them into their group. (Especially Morphas). Normal kids are turning into Soulers and getting new powers. You're a kid who is one of them.
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 Roamoak Soni

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PostSubject: Roamoak Soni   Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:07 pm

Name: Roamoak Soni


Alpha, Beta, or Morpha: Morpha


Team (Optional):None.

Weapon: Whip (Stings like freaking crazy)

Appearance:He has dirty blond hair that goes all the way down to his neck. They come down as bangs in front of his nose.He has hazel green eyes in hectic situations,but in calm times, he has crystal blue eyes.His nose is a little big for his age it is about 8 cm from his face. He has about an average ear size.His muscles are pathetic except in his forearms and legs. He wears a blue jacket that is unzipped and has a folded collar. Under the jacket you can see a green shirt that is short sleeved.His black jeans are old and faded a bit, but that makes them look at bit vibrant. He shoes are black with a green sole and laces. He wears red fingerless gloves that are pretty much thin. He is 5"4 and weighs 102 lbs. He carries his whip by his waist.

History:Let's start the history right here. When Roamoak was a baby, his parents had a debt and he got ran out of his house. His mom got caught and was murdered. His dad couldn't keep up with the finance and just left Roamoak and his siblings. Irushi had to take care of them at age 7 and he taught Roamoak how to run for a long time to run away from the screaming angry people. They thieved a lot to survive. They were doing pretty well with money until one day whenever Roamoak was 9, Irushi took Roamoak into the forest to go look for something, but abandoned him with his baby brother.

Soon whenever Roamoak was 12, his baby brother Drew went missing too one day. He was very sad and he didn't even value life anymore. He spent his day laying around eating and sleeping. One day, he fell into a hole, and his whole life changed whenever he turned into a Morpha.

Personality:He is a curious guy that knows nothing of this new world, but everyone else knows at least thats what he thinks. He thinks he's pretty weak but he has a strange power inside of him that can overtake anything and everything, but that rarely ever shows, only in fatal situations. He also is pretty nice, helping people whenever he can and he hates to work. He is determined to kill Irushi and find his little brother Drew. Note:Drew and Irushi are Morphas, but they don't count on the list. They can be taken by someone.


Element:Grass, transformation, and Lightning (Horrible side effect when done using them. Exhaustion, and if pushed to the limit, fatal stuff.)

Soul color:Green

Soul Animal(if you're a morpha): Snake
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PostSubject: Re: Roamoak Soni   Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:08 pm

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Roamoak Soni
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