War is breaking in the world of Samitza. Alphas and Betas are killing people that are not either of them, or taking them into their group. (Especially Morphas). Normal kids are turning into Soulers and getting new powers. You're a kid who is one of them.
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 Longsword Section

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PostSubject: Longsword Section   Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:29 pm

Longsword Shop

Longsword-10 gil
Bronze Longsword-50 gil
Iron Longsword-100 gil
Steel Longsword-500 gil
Mythril Longsword-1000 gil
Obsidian Longsword- 2500 gil
Onyx Longsword-2500 gil
Cobalt Longsword-3000 gil
Phoenix Feather Longsword-5000 gil
Unicorn Hair Longsword-5000 gil
Dragon Fang Longsword-5000 gil

Inventory-Elemental Longswords
Inferno Blade-6000 gil
Hydra Blade-6000 gil
Dimensional Longsword-6000 gil
Static Blade-6000 gil
Blood Bane Blade-6000 gil
Warped Blade-6000 gil
Frost Blade-6000 gil
Quaker Blade-6000 gil
Tempest Longblade-6000 gil
Venom Blade-6000 gil
Lunar Blade-6000 gil
Mental Blade-6000 gil
Solar Blade-6000 gil
Shadow Blade-6000 gil

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Longsword Section
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